The Highend Linear Power Supply for serious Audiophiles. Extremely low noise with double regulated and super capacitor technology. Ohno continuous casting internal wiring with deep cryo process are used inside the power supply. The transformer is enclosed in a stainless steel shell for additional shielding and noise suppression. The Pachanko Stellar LPS use a vibration isolation mounting system that cancelling chassis vibration which can affect the regulator circuitry. Every components are chosen to reach a top level of restitution. Customers can chose voltage on each rail output. 

This LPS is an extra upgrade and can give a significant improvement on your setup. 




- 200 VA O-Core Encapsulated Transformer

- Ultra Low noise

- OCC cryo internal wiring

- Dual custom voltage output

- Supplied with 1,2m DC cables

- Build time 3-4 weeks

- 2 Years Warranty

Stellar Linear Power Supply

Output A
Output B
LED Colour


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