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Stellar Linear Power Supply

Stellar Linear Power Supply

The High-End Stellar Linear Power Supply use extrem low noise technology. Ohno continuous casting internal wiring with deep cryo process are used inside the power supply. The housemade O-Core transformer is enclosed in a stainless steel shell for additional shielding and noise suppression. The Pachanko Stellar LPS use a vibration isolation mounting system that cancelling chassis vibration which can affect the regulator circuitry. Every components are chosen to reach a top level of restitution. Customers can chose voltage on each rail output. 

This LPS is an extra upgrade and can give a significant improvement to your setup. 


Pachanko “O Core” Transformers

Hand-crafting with passion the heart of our powered Audio components 


Pachanko Labs seek perfection in our product performance.

We produce by hand each and every Toroidal O-Core Transformer that powers our units.

We believe the transformer to be the heart of our powered products. We want pure and clean current to flow through our units.

Rather than basing our products around off-the-shelf solutions we take pride in custom manufacturing all our special transformer units.


We manufacture and install our Audio-O-Tec Toroidal O Core Transformers (ATOC) in our Internally Powered or multi-unit products.

Our Constellation Reference, SE and Masterpiece Audio Transport series along with our Stellar and UPS power supply series all carry our ATOC transformers.


ATOC transformers have a ring appearance and a perfectly round core shape. This uniform design leads to minimal leakage current compared to other types of transformers (toroidal, “R”).

Our single-wire and hand-spun transformers guarantee uniform winding with the highest-purity copper or silver wiring and low DCR per turn.

ATOC transformers offer the lowest possible noise level and ensure the highest performance of Pachanko Audio components.

Built with care for your best audio experience. 




Stellar LPS Specifications:


- Aluminium anodized case

- 200 VA O-Core Mu-Metal Encapsulated Transformer

- Ultra Low noise

- Very fast operation

- Single stage proprietary regulation with extreme sonic performances

- OCC cryo internal wiring

- Dual custom voltage output 

- Ripple noise <0.2uV (<0.6uV Full Load)

- T3.15A 5x20mm Industrial Fuse 

- Supplied with 1m DC cables

- Dimensions : 240 x 120 x 260mm (W x D x H)

- Build time 3-4 weeks

- 2 Years Warranty

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