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What is the DIRETTA

Introducing a novel audio protocol designed to enhance high-fidelity sound quality. It takes a fundamentally different approach compared to existing protocols.

In the world of audio, several factors impact sound quality, and one significant factor is the interference caused by digital components. Typically, capacitors and inductors are used to reduce this interference and create low-pass filters to minimize unwanted digital noise.

However, even with these filters, some low-frequency fluctuations persist, unnoticed when observing voltage but detectable when examining electrical current. Eliminating these noises through electrical means is challenging.

Diretta's solution involves close coordination between a Host and a Target, using predictive data transmission at consistent intervals to stabilize power consumption and enhance audio player performance. This process is akin to USB synchronization but with the Host controlling the pace, eliminating the need for complex buffer and flow control systems. This allows for isolated connections like fiber optics and simplifies processes compared to protocols like UPnP and AES67.

Diretta sound quality improvement principle

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Noise can be reduced by continuously sending a small amount of data rather than processing a large amount of data intermittently. DIRETTA ON RMP-UB1 reduces the impact of digital signal processing on analog signals, mainly in DAC devices, by averaging the data sent to the USB DAC. This improves the dynamic SN of the system, the original timbre expression emerges.

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What do you need to get started with Constellation CAT?

1) Constellation CAT
2) DAC
3) Internet Connection
4) Android/Ipad Tablet or Phone
5) USB/SPDIF Cable

6) Roon, Jriver, Jplay or Audirvana subscription

Why several boxes?

We had tested all the possibilities and this solution was the most efficient. We are talking about performance without compromise, 
separating the computer parts from the power supply is
the best solution to fight against EMI pollution and noise. 

This is necessary to achieve the ultimate digital sound reproduction.

What’s the best way to connect your CAT ? ( Direct to USB DAC ..or via LAN) 


USB is the best choice to connect any Constellation CAT to your DAC and LAN if you are using Diretta Protocol). 

Why no Crystal Oscillators (TCXO, OCXO...) in our audio servers?

After several years of research, testing and listening sessions, we found that the addition of exotic clocks in the CAT removes all the 'emotion" of the music. If we make a direct comparaison, the listening experience would be more digital than analog like.

We pay particular attention to the true nature of the data, that's why our "clockless" solution remains the best in our experience.



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