Our philosophy when building cables is always access on emotion and musicality. This SATA was made to produces natural and rich tones with good presence. Musical emotion is always existing even during silent passages. Everything is more airy, liquid and easy with an emotional charge never encountered so far.



- OFHC multi stranded silver plated wire 

- Deep cryo treatment 

- 100% Handcrafted

- Compatible with all OS

- Standard length 40cm

- Lifetime warranty

- Free Worldwide shipping

Stellar Serenity SATA

  • The SATA cable is not directionnal but when you start burn-in the cable, keep that directivity. 

    Email us for a specific size


We are a French company located in La Réunion island. We hope you will love the "Pachanko Labs" products and share your experience in your surrounding. Should you have any further question, please email us.

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