This outstanding power supply has been developed for audiophiles looking for high performance with no compromise. Designed with a pure silver encapsulated 500VA O-Core  transformer, extremely quiet in operation. Silver-plated OCC copper primary coils are used on this LPSU with 4N silver secondary coils super low noise for the high-current regulator board. Huge capacity is used that assures extreme low noise and ripple using 290.000uF and the power board is capable of sourcing 10A. Anodized aluminium chassis with hand-brushed copper top lid and base plate couppled on three-points pom footers to eliminate vibrations that is detrimental to the sound quality. A state of the art LPSU.




- Dimensions 360 x130x315mm

- Weight arround 27kg

- Custom voltage output(s)

- Build time 5-6 weeks

- Shipping cost not included (Only express delivery)

- Warranty 2 year

Stellar SE Linear Power Supply

LED Colour