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Unregulated Power Supply (For DC-ATX)

Unregulated Power Supply (For DC-ATX)

This outstanding power supply has been developed for audiophiles using the DC-ATX looking for high performance with no compromise. This is an unregulated power supply specially designed for use with ATX convertors such as the units made by Taiko Audio and others. Designed with a pure silver encapsulated 600VA O-Core  transformer which is extremely quiet in operation. The output is approximately 36VDC and is NOT regulated, this gives the lowest possible output impedance and maximises performance of the Taiko ATX convertor amongst others. Huge capacity is used that assures extreme low noise and ripple, the power board is capable of sourcing 12A. Anodized aluminium case with three-points pom footers to eliminate vibrations that is detrimental to the sound quality.

The PSU is supplied as standard with an output (Speakon) cable to fit the Taiko ATX board. A custom Soft Start board is included with a DC Noise Blocker for maximum performances and safety.

For best performances you can try our Stellar DC Speakon cable.

A state of the art power supply.


Pachanko “O Core” Transformers

Hand-crafting with passion the heart of our powered Audio components 


Pachanko Labs seek perfection in our product performance.

We produce by hand each and every Toroidal O-Core Transformer that powers our units.

We believe the transformer to be the heart of our powered products. We want pure and clean current to flow through our units.

Rather than basing our products around off-the-shelf solutions we take pride in custom manufacturing all our special transformer units.


We manufacture and install our Audio-O-Tec Toroidal O Core Transformers (ATOC) in our Internally Powered or multi-unit products.

Our Constellation Reference, SE and Masterpiece Audio Transport series along with our Stellar and UPS power supply series all carry our ATOC transformers.


ATOC transformers have a ring appearance and a perfectly round core shape. This uniform design leads to minimal leakage current compared to other types of transformers (toroidal, “R”).

Our single-wire and hand-spun transformers guarantee uniform winding with the highest-purity copper or silver wiring and low DCR per turn.

ATOC transformers offer the lowest possible noise level and ensure the highest performance of Pachanko Audio components.

Built with care for your best audio experience. 




URPS Features:


Dimensions :  430x104x390mm

Weight :  arround 25kg

Power Output : Speakon DC

Output : 36V Output

Estimated ship date :  6 weeks after ordering

Shipping cost : not included 

Usage : Only for DIY purpose with DC-ATX converter board

Fuse Characteristics : T5A 5x20mm Industrial Fuse

Warranty : 2 years

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