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Stellar Gravity Ground

Stellar Gravity Ground

We are happy to offer the gravity ground to all music lovers and enthusiasts. What differences can you expect to hear from a well-grounded system? The results range from the subtle to the dramatic. Each note flows effortlessly with all the details that the system can reproduce. The lack of noise smooths out the roughness in the treble, affecting the clarity and definition heard in the notes. You will notice a substantial elongation in the decay-time of instruments, which adds to the perceived authenticity of performances.

This grounding cable will gives a substantial improvement in the sound, with cleaner, deeper bass and a more stable soundstage


How to use it?

Simply connect the USB plug in a free port of your Music Server and the LAN to a free port of your switch. The results is a more analogue sound, darker noisefloor and a deeper soundstage.




Stellar Gravity Ground Features:

- OCC silver plated copper 

- USB & RJ45 Aluminium plugs to AC plug 

- Direct effect without any burn-in time needed (Will still improve over time)

- Proprietary noise canceller

- Craftmanship quality

- Standard length is 1,5m

- EU, US, UK plugs available 

- 10 years warranty

- Free Worldwide shipping (4-8 working days)

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