The Constellation CAT is built with the best computer parts in the market to let you enjoy and feel your music as never before! Including HighEnd components, clocks modules, internal wires, fully optimized OS.

The MINI is equiped with a Intel CPU with 4 core, 8 Thread and 8 GB RAM industrial custom modules for best latency and data transfer. Fanless design, no noise, the OS part is a custom Windows heavily tweaked to reach the lowest latency possible. SSD drives are connected with our "Stellar" Serenity SATA cable to maintain the signal as pure as possible. Every detail is kept to reach a top end musicality. This server can be combined with our multi stage "Stellar" power supply to reach a unprecedented level of performance. This help to provide a good soundstage accuracy, micro and macro details, better headroom and very natural tones. We are confident that you will love it.   



Features :


Chassis : Fanless design, Aluminium anodized case, completely passive cooled for silent operation 

CPU : 4 core, 8 Thread CPU

Ram : Two 4GB custom industrial modules for 8GB in total

System : Custom Windows 10 OS, Fully tweaked BIOS, Ultralow Jitter and very low latency

Audio Output : USB

Storage : Samsung SSD 256GB with Stellar Serenity SATA, Music SSD storage is an option up to 8TB with Stellar Serenity SATA 

Audio Formats supported : WAV, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, AAC, MP3, DSD, MQA supported audio formats

Software : Roon music management, Diretta, Roon, HQplayer, JPLAY playback software (Customer choice)

Connections : External connections consist of 2 USB ports, 2 LAN port 

Power Supply : AC Adaptor block, Stellar LPS (Optional)

Remote Access : Remote setup and maintenance

Colour Options : Silver and Black 

Dimensions :  197 × 197 × 77mm (W x D x H)

Weight : Arround 3kg

Cables : Power cord, AC Adaptor block 

Build time :  3-4 weeks

Shipping : not included (Only express delivery)

Warranty : 2 years 

Constellation Mini