The Constellation Masterpiece CAT is built with the best computer parts in the market to let you enjoy and feel your music as never before! It is our flagship model including HighEnd components, clocks modules, internal wires, fully optimized OS and a unique dedicated linear power supply. 

This server is equiped with a Intel CPU with 10 core, 20 Thread and 32 GB RAM industrial custom modules for best latency and data transfer. No fans, no noise, the OS part is a custom Windows heavily tweaked to reach the lowest latency possible. SSD drives are connected with our "Stellar" Serenity SATA cable to maintain the signal as pure as possible. Every detail is kept to reach a top end musicality. Combined with our multi stage ultra linear power supply wich will never fall with is 880.000uF of capacitors. This help to provide a good soundstage accuracy, micro and macro details, better headroom and very natural tones. We are confident that you will love it.   




- Fanless design

- Custom Windows OS

- Fully tweaked BIOS

- Ultra OCXO clock with 10ppb 24K gold circuit trace PCB Module

- Select your output USB/SPDIF/BNC/AES/i2S bridge  

- Ultralow Jitter and very low latency

- DC cables included

- WAV, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, AAC, MP3, MQA supported audio formats

- Diretta Host Ready

- Triple Box Server (Server and 2 LPS separated) 

- Around 45kg

- Dimension of Server is 435 x 319 x 100mm (W x D x H, 109mm including feet)

- Dimension of Power supply is 2x 430 x 340 x 92mm (W x D x H)

- Build time 5-6 weeks

- Shipping cost not included (Only express delivery)

- 2 years warranty

Constellation Masterpiece